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Blaydon-On-Tyne - Town on the southern side of the Tyne, some three miles up from Newcastle. The coal mines have disappeared and the economy diversified. The name is widely familiar for there used to be a horse race course (long since disappeared) and the favourite Geordie song Blaydon Races referred to it.

Hebburn - Town on the south bank of the Tyne, located between Jarrow and Gateshead. Swan Hunters used to build ships here.

Jarrow - Between Gateshead and South Shields, overlooking the Tyne. First English glass was made here and can be seen in St. Pauls Monastery to which Bede, the 'Father of English History' came as a boy. Bede Monestery Museum in Jarrow Hall has audiovisual presentation. Jarrow's unemployment in the shipbuilding and mining industries led to the famous march to London.

Wallsend - Some three miles east of Newcastle city centre is the town of Wallsend, which was indeed the eastern end of Hadrian's wall. A museum tells the story. Wallsend was a coal-mining town but more importantly it was a great ship building centre too. Here was built the famous Cunarder The Mauretania.

Washington - New town some five miles south of Newcastle which has at its centre a preserved medieval home which belonged to the ancestors of the first US president, George Washington. The town has also got a preserved coal mine: ?Washington F Pit Museum' complete with steam winding engine.

Whitley Bay - A very popular holiday resort with good sands, amusement park, swimming pool, just north of Tynemouth. Easy access by the Tyneside Metro. Includes the old fishing village of Cuttercoats. At the north end of the bay it is possible, at low tide, to walk over to St Mary's Island on which there is a lighthouse.

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