A plumber is a specially trained person who takes care of water and gas pipes. When you need a plumber it can sometimes be difficult to know who to call. Look at their qualifications, read their testimonials and see what certifications they have on their work, this is the best method of judging the competencies of a plumber you are looking to hire.

Plumbing systems are an integral part of day to day living and the role that plumbers take is to ensure that these systems are maintained correctly. When we talk about plumbing this relates to pipework that is used for transporting water and gas, so it is of vital importance that you use a plumber who is qualified, certified and reputable.

Work regularly undertaken by a plumber includes jointing and fitting pipes. These pipes may carry sewerage, rainwater or drainage and the service is of vital importance to the health of the occupants. Work on central heating and boilers is often completed and these days plumbers are also expected to look at the energy efficiency of these systems.

Emergency plumbing can need to be carried out at all times of day or night so look for a plumber with no call out charge for their emergency services so you are only paying for the work you actually have carried out. Installing toilets, water pumps, baths, showers, sinks etc are all the role of a plumber.

Gas work is also under the remit of a specialist plumber and these are sometimes referred to as gas service technicians. In order to work on these pipes there is even more regulation, as a mistake here doesn't just get a house wet, it can actually cause fires, explosions and other serious problems. To work on gas piping a plumber must be CORGI registered. CORGI is a body that observes national standards in gas safety. You need to ensure that anyone working on your gas systems is CORGI registered. You can visit the CORGI website on to read more about this highly important certificate.

Landlords need to have all flues and appliances regularly checked and have an up to date gas safety certificate before letting out a property. If you are a tenant then make sure the property you live in has this before moving in.

Whether you are looking for a plumber to stop a dripping tap, install a new condensing boiler, make your existing central heating more energy efficient, unblock drains, trade in your old boiler, carry out safety inspections, install a bathroom or kitchen, perform emergency work on your pipes and drains or any other work on your plumbing system then contact a reputable plumber and feel free to check all their credentials. A good plumber will understand and respect exactly what you are doing and be proud to confirm all your requirements. Use Townpages to locate your local plumbers and if you are happy with their service then make sure you recommend them to anyone else who may need plumbing work. Knowing a reputable local plumber can save you a lot of trouble in the future.
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