Paving Services

Paving Services companies provide Block Paving, Spray Crete, Exposed Aggregate, Stencil Crete and Pattern Imprinted systems for driveways, walkways and patios. Block paving is common today because it is a system used for driveways, walkways and patios but also for edging, grass guards, garden edging, kerbs and more. Block paving is Indian stone, natural stone, bricks and clay of many colours, shapes, and sizes.

Spray Crete is a resurfacing system, which is decorative and offers high performance. Spray Crete simulates materials such as tile, brick and natural stone. It is 100% acrylic polymer-cement coating for resurfacing concrete driveway or some masonry surfaces

Stencil Crete is another system used by paving services companies to create the appearance of bricks, stones or tiles. This system is a durable as concrete and has the appearance of grouted tiles and bricks. Of all the systems, the Stencil system is usually the most economical. Special sealants protect the colours is resistant to weed growth and prevents stains.

The Exposed Aggregate system provided by paving services companies is concrete to which they add Fibre mesh. The concrete bonds together on the driveway making the surface, water, frost and weed resistant. This makes a beautiful driveway, walkway or patio surface.

Another system used by paving services companies is the pattern, imprinted system. This system is frost and water-resistant and includes the inclusion of Fibre mesh for reinforcement. The surface in this system is wear resistant and includes cobblestone, brick, tile, slate and stone. The surface is stain resistant against oil and guaranteed weed free. This system results in beautiful, bright driveways and has long durability.

The goal of all paving services providers is to create a beautiful design, but at the same time to use a method which will guarantee the longest period of durability. Products are available to assure the block paving is waterproof and stain resistant. Paving services companies registered by the British Standards Industry sell block paving supplies as well as those materials for the other systems used in today's, paving services industry.

Paving services companies can create attractive landscapes including walls, steps and beautiful driveways and walkways. Paving services include designing, technical assistance and guarantees on their work. Paving services companies have turned the industry into an industry, which strives to bring homes alive with colours, lighting and special designs. There is a comprehensive range of styles, colours and patterns from leading suppliers such as Palpave, Tobermore and Marshalls.

Your ideas help our paving services experts create landscapes, driveways, edgings and kerbs, which are an expression of you. Our paving services include only high quality products possessing lasting durability, true colours and easy care to complement and enhance your home. Resolution of drainage problems along the driveway, are permanent with our permeable block paving or Grassguard.

Paving services experts create designs for formal or informal lawns or gardens. Often using decorative aggregates to keep weeds out of a garden their skilled masonry creates more space for flowers to grow. Paving services personnel can design a subtle or striking appearance incorporating steps and walls in sloping areas and using attractive and interesting designs, the landscaping of a yard has become an art form.
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