Office Cleaning

Many new businesses clean their own offices. Sometimes even the CEO can be found staying late, tidying the space. But isn't there a better use of your time? Office cleaning is a common service available almost anywhere, and for a reasonable fee.

Office cleaning professionals come equipped with the skills and supplies to get the job done correctly. They work quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on what you do bestómaking money for your company.

The biggest consideration in office cleaning is the service. Yes, price is important, but no price is low enough if you end up re-doing the cleaning in the morning. One way to determine service level before hiring is to get some references from the cleaning company. Ring up a few current clients and ask about timeliness and whether the services paid for are performed satisfactorily.

Ask what services are performed, as well. If you're considering hiring for full-service cleaning, a reference check for light dusting isn't comparable. On the other hand, ask what other services the company offers. Cleaning companies are branching out, offering grounds keeping, light administrative service, or mailroom services.

While these extra services don't come free, they may ultimately save you money. For instance, rather than hiring someone for your mail room, could the cleaning company run the mail at night and post it? If current personnel can take care of the daytime operations (overnight mail, deliveries, etc.), the cleaning service may be able to provide the extra work at an affordable rate.

How long has the cleaning company been in business? You don't want to hire them only to find they've gone underóor worse, left for Timbuktu with your money! How much experience do they have? The company you're considering may have been in business for a long time, but if they've only recently expanded into your specialised area, like medical office cleaning or industrial cleaning, you may also want to get other bids.

Even if you don't work in a field with specific needs, you may want something different for your workspace. Do you want a company that uses only "green" cleaning agents? Do you need a company that uses HEPA filters on their vacuums? What about odour-free cleansers? Be sure to think about not only your needs, but your wishes, when considering what to pay for.

Anticipate any questions the cleaning company might have. Are employees in the habit of breaking down boxes and storing them in a particular place? The cleaning company will need to know what you want done with them, if anything. Who should they call if the alarm goes off? What kind of key control do you expect?

Ask the cleaning company what kind of background check, if any, they perform on new employees. If you work in a field with sensitive information, like banking or credit, the cleaning crew may have access to sensitive information that your employees forget to lock up at night. Is the cleaning company insured against one of their own using that information to their advantage?

There are many things to consider when evaluating an office cleaning service, but with an assessment of your own needs and the services you require, you should be able to spend your time in more lucrative pursuits than cleaning your office or building.
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