Choosing a builder can be a daunting task. After all, it's not like you are just going to look at their work, it is likely that you will live in it with your family or employees. It is important that you select the right builder and there are several ways you can do this.

When you are looking at having building work carried out then make sure that you check a companies references and establish how experienced and professional they are. If a team of builders has invested time and money in promotion it is often a sign that they are confident in their services and have the experience and clients to back up their delivery. Look for a web presence with images of recently completed work and ask questions of all builders you deal with so you feel happy when hiring a company.

It can be a stressful time if you are struggling to find a building firm. At this point you should compile a list of potential builders to use through the Yellow pages, Thomsons, online directories like, searching the internet or by contacting the National Federation of Builders.

What you should first do when looking for a builder to carry out a project is to put the job to tender. Contact building firms and invite them to carry out a free visit with a quote and estimate included. A reputable builder will understand what you are doing and not adopt a pushy sales attitude as these days they understand that this will put off customers. When you have the builders at your premises ask them questions about how they plan to complete the job, what materials they use, what guarantees they have on the work and the materials, what qualifications they have and also ask for testimonials and references from satisfied clients who have had similar work carried out. You should use all this information coupled with the price quoted to select the best firm for the job.

If you are looking for an extension to be built then you should have a clear understanding of what this will mean for your property, where it will be built and how much extra living space you will achieve.

A loft conversion is another way of increasing living space without increasing the footprint of your property. It is worth bearing in mind that a well designed and completed loft conversion can add up to 25% on the value of the property. This is a real investment in the future as well as an investment in quality of living now.

Refurbishments are a regular source of income for builders and done well these create the right living space for you and your family or employees.

Builders also carry out kitchen installations, design and complete new bathrooms and lay conservatory bases.

If you have a building project you want designing, creating, building, installed or created then find a reputable builder with qualifications and membership of Building related bodies, a team with experience and judge them when they visit your property for the estimate process. Finally, sit back, have the work done and enjoy your new property.
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