Aerials are pieces of equipment installed on top of homes to draw transmission signals to a television or radio. Aerials come in various shapes, sizes and styles with varied reception capabilities. There are digital radio aerials, digital aerials, sky digital aerials, terrestrial and digital satellite aerials. When installing an aerial for television, installers can add extra points to provide good quality sound and picture reception in different rooms of a home.

HDTV is a term fast becoming a household word as is the term LCD, referring to the flat wide screen and plasma televisions on the market today. High definition or HD means the television picture is clear with crisp colours and possesses, far greater detail than does the ordinary standard definition television we are used to viewing. Now, we have a new term to deal with called digital television.

Digital television is simply a way of transmitting television pictures and sounds as computerized bits of information. The change to digital transmission is coming because digital transmission takes up less space in the airwaves (broadwidth) than does the familiar analogue transmission. Using digital transmission leaves more room in the airwaves for transmitting more channels. The human tendency for more of everything opens the way for digital television. Within the next five years the world will be a world of digital television and analogue television will be a part of history.

To get good reception for digital televisions we must choose digital terrestrial, satellite, cable or broadband hook-ups. Digital television brings us six assets:

1. More television channels
2. Better quality picture and sound
3. Interactive features, (games and allows us to choose when to watch many programs)
4. Radio through the television
5. On- screen information about scheduling
6. Better accessibility to recordable programmes

Local companies have professional engineers who install aerials and upgrades for digital aerials. The workers perform repairs and install replacement aerials as needed. The work of installers usually carries a two-year guarantee and companies are fully insured.

Some of the aerial installation companies provide installation of analogue aerials, digital aerials, Freeview and pay-tv installation, as well as advice. They also install Satellite Systems, Broadband Internet, CCTV systems and Home cinema installations. When you call to make an appointment for advice and installation choices ask about company available discounts. Companies will provide free estimates and install the aerial you need for the best picture and best price. Most companies accept major credit cards for payment for services.

Some companies are Satellite specialists who fit Stereo FM Radio aerials and television aerials. A digital aerial will provide about thirty basic television channels and twenty radio channels available in the local area. With the switchover to digital television many more channels are available depending on the type of aerial installed. The workers are skilled professionals who do their work efficiently, quickly and safely.

People who purchase a new HDTV will soon discover their old aerial does not provide the level of transmission needed by the new television. Companies can upgrade the old outdoor aerial so you will have good reception now and be ready for the "big switch" when it comes to your city.
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