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Castletown - Attractive town at the southern end of the Isle of Man. Formerly the capitalof the Island. Dominated by a castle dating back to 12th century which was the home of the Norse kings of Man. Visitor centre and Manx Nautical Museum.

Douglas - The capital of the Isle of Man. Owing to its healthy situation and its numerous indoor and open-air attractions Douglas has become one of the most popular seaside resorts in the Kingdom. The start of the T.T. Races is at the Grand Stand adjoining the Playing Fields. Golf. Tennis. Bowls. Sea excursions, indoor swimming bath and sea bathing. Electric railway to Ramsey and steam railway to Castletown Manx Museum. Ferries from Heysham, Fleetwood and Liverpool.

Peel - A picturesque town, at the mouth of the Neb, which used to become very busy during herring fishing season. Peel Castle, built on St. Patrick's Isle, was once a place of exile for State prisoners, and it was here that the Earl of Warwick was placed by Richard II to undergo perpetual imprisonment in the Isle of Man. Good bathing, boating, golf and bowling. Two thirds scale replica of a Viking Longship on display.

Ramsey - Large resort town at the northern end of the Isle of Man. Very mild climate and palm trees grow out of doors. Extensive sands and the bathing is safe. Golf, bowls, sea-fishing, trout and salmon-fishing in the Sulby. Terminus of the Manx Electric Railway, with railway museum. Farm and rural life museum. Used to be a shipbuilding centre.

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