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Barrow-Upon-Humber - Ferries used to cross the Humber from here to Hull.

Barton-upon-Humber - Attractive town on the south side of the Humber beneath the southern end of the impressive bridge. The world's longest single span bridge. Town was major port and contains Georgian buildings. Nearby is South Ferriby where prehistoric boats were discovered.

Brigg - An ancient market town a few miles east of Scunthorpe. Famous for Percy Granger's setting of Lincolnshire folk songs Brigg Fair. Windmill nearby.

Brough - A weekly market has been held in this old-world town ever since 1331. It was an important station in Roman times and the Norman castle of the Cliffords was once the home of Anne, Countess of Pembroke.

Immingham - Town with docks on Humber seven miles west of Grimsby. Famous as the place from which the Pilgrim Fathers set sail (on their way to Holland initially) in 1620 although the spot has been lost to modern development. Today this is a major modern port and includes large areas of oil refineries and storage depots.

Withernsea - Very small seaside resort some dozen miles east of Hull on Holderness, the flat land guarding the north side of the Humber, and frequently losing ground to the North Sea. Withernsea once had its own railway and pier. Inland is an outstanding church at Patrington, its interior decorated with 200 carvings. To the south one can walk around the beaches of Spurn Head, a nature reserve with excellent views around the great estuary.

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