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Chatteris - A quiet country town at the southern end of the Fens. Thought to have been the last refuge of Queen Boudicca and the Icenis. Grew from an island community. The town has suffered three fires since 1300. Popular with anglers and birdwatchers.

March - Sixteen miles east of Peterborough. A quiet agricultural town in the heart of the Isle of Ely, originally an island settlement and later a port. It was also a railway town with a junction of railway lines from Peterborough, Wisbech and Ely. Many interesting buildings beside the River Nene.

St Ives - Charming old town on the Great Ouse, called Slepe at first. A Priory dedicated to St. Ivo, a Persian Bishop, accounts for the eventual name. The Norman monastery was destroyed by fire in 1207 and little remains. Cromwell lived at Slepe Hall and there is a statue of him in the town centre. There is a six-arched 15th century bridge, with an old bridge-chapel in the middle of it, one of only 3 in Britain. Attractive quay where barges came and went to Kings Lynn. Town is the subject of the poem about the man with seven wives. Local history museum. Nearby is the Cromwell Museum at Huntingdon.

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