How can Townpages help your online strategy?

How can Townpages help your Online Strategy?

Fixed Cost Online Marketing Campaigns that Won't Break the Bank!

Here at Townpages™ we pride ourselves on being able to deliver targeted online marketing campaigns that are both accountable and provide a healthy return for our clients. We aim to take the "hassle" from uk businesses by handling their online communications at a fixed and affordable monthly cost. Please continue to read for more information about our fixed fee service and how it all works.

Sponsored Link on Google™ Web Search!

Sponsored Link on Google™ Web Search!

We provide our clients with an opportunity to place their company website, or a site we have created for them, in front of customers searching for their exact product or service. We do this on the largest search engine in the world - Google™ web search.

What is Keyword Advertising?

In any marketing campaign, targeting is essential. It allows you to place your product or service in front of people that are more likely to buy from you. If advertising on television, you wouldn't run an alcholic drink ad in the middle of the day, and likewise, you wouldn't advertise bathroom cleaner at night. It is vitally important that you place your product or service in front of a relevant audience that wants to buy from you.

This is why keyword advertising is so brilliant, it is centred around relevancy.

When a searcher types in a particular keyword, for example, "hardware store Bolton" we know for a fact that they are looking for a hardware store in Bolton. This presents an amazing opportunity for a hardware store in Bolton to place their company in front of a customer that is looking for what they do.

How it all Works

Getting your business to appear on Google™ web search is easier than you might think. The first thing to realise is how Google™ web search works:

1) A Potential Customer Enters a Search Query

A Potential Customer Enters a Search Query

2) Their Search Query Triggers a List of Related Search Results

Their Search Query Triggers a List of Related Search Results

3) We Place You Directly In Front of Your Potential Customers

We Place You Directly Infront of Your Potential Customers

Why use Townpages™ has over 15 years experience in the online marketing industry, so we know our stuff! Having been in the search industry for so long, we're able to quickly identify keywords that will perform for your business. We employ Google™ qualified professionals to manage our campaigns and create appealing ad text to sell your product or service.

Our Fixed Cost Package

  • No Long Term Contracts!No Long Term Contracts!
  • Fixed Cost CampaignFixed Cost Campaign
  • Personal Account ManagerPersonal Account Manager
  • Professional CopywritersProfessional Copywriters
  • Live in 48 Hours!Live in 48 Hours
  • FREE Traffic Reports!FREE Traffic Reports

Website Creation

Every business should have an effective web presence to boost your company's marketing efforts. In association with our Townpages business products we have some great website packages available.

The business websites are bespoke, created to a specification determined by you with the assistance of our web design, web construction and search engine optimisation teams. They can be bought individually or in conjunction with our other products.

Click the images below for bespoke website examples.

JDM Executive Homes Eclipse Developments Arclite Removals Allegiance Security County Lofts Peterstone Lakes Golf Club

Click here for more example websites.

Google Local Creation

Internet marketing through sponsored advertising links is the most direct way to send unique visitors to your website. The product is offered by all major seach engine providers, but for highest volumes we concentrate on Google Adwords.

For customers who don't have their own website, we offer a single promotion page creation for a limited fee.

Click the images below for Google Local template examples.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Click here to view all our Google Local templates.

Free Listing

A free listing in the Townpages' directory is a great way to get your business known online. As one of the largest UK directories on the internet Townpages is giving information to thousands of people across the country daily.

Create your free listing now.

Advertiser Guide

Please take a look at Google's Advertiser Guide. It provides all the information you'll need when dealing with a third-party partner.

Why Choose Us?Why Choose Us?

No Long Term Contracts!Optimised Google Search!

Bespoke software & skilled professionals ensure your campaign is optimised for maximum exposure on Google™ Web Search.

No Long Term Contracts!No Long Term Contracts!

We operate month by month contracts. This means you're not tied into a lengthy agreement and you can cancel at any time.

Personal Account ManagerPersonal Account Manager

We assign you a personal account manager that can be contacted at any time, allowing you to update your campaign or access performance statistics with ease.

Live in 48 Hours!Live in 48 Hours!

We can have your ads displaying on Google™ web search within 48 hours! And in many cases we can do it even sooner!

Fixed Cost CampaignFixed Cost Campaign

Our fixed fee campaign allows you to budget more accurately. You know exactly how much your ads will cost at the beginning of each month.

Professional CopywritersProfessional Copywriters

Our team of copyrighters have years of experience in writing compelling ad text. This in turn means more people will click on your ad.

FREE Traffic Reports!FREE Traffic Reports!

Unlike many fixed-fee campaigns, we offer transparent reports that help our clients see which of their keywords are performing the best.

What to Avoid!What to Avoid!

Fake Promises!Fake Promises!

Every day, UK consumers receive offers that seem too good to be true. You need to use your judgement and common sense to stay safe.

Affiliation with Google™!Affiliation with Google™!

Many companies will claim they have a special relationship or qualification with Google™. Make sure these companies can refer you to a Google hosted certificate that proves this.

Giving out your Credit Card!Giving out your Credit Card!

99% of our clients pay by direct debit. This gives them complete peace of mind as payments are covered under the direct debit guarantee scheme.

Fixed Phrase Packages!Fixed Phrase Packages!

Some companies only offer a fixed package where phrases are not interchangeable. So you can get stuck with phrases that don't perform.

Fixed Phrase Packages!Being Placed in a Directory!

Some companies offer a front page listing on Google™ web search, but what they neglect to tell you is that you're placed in a directory with a ton of other companies. Our listing is a direct link to your company website.

No Written Guarantees!Written Guarantees!

Some companies offer a written guarantee promising a first page position for your keywords. This kind of surety would be nice to offer, but unfortunately, it is not a realistic promise.

No Volume PhrasesNo Volume Phrases

Some marketing companies deceive clients by using keywords with little or no search volume. We appreciate that some of these phrases can be advantageous, but you need to be careful that you are getting your monies worth!